Other Books

Royston Ellis is featured in these books

– Ugly Things, Fall/Winter 2013 (King of the British Beatniks)

– The Beatles: Tune In, All These Years by Mark Lewisohn (2013)

– Raised on Skiffle by Roy Kerridge, 2011

– Cliff Richard, the biography by Steve Turner

– Cliff Richard, The Bachelor Boy by Steve Turner

– A Hard Day’s Write, the story behind every Beatles’ song by Steve Turner

– Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now by Barry Miles

– Stuart Sutcliffe: The Beatles Shadow

– The Beatles Anthology

– John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman

– Bigger Than The Beatles by Bill Harry

– The First Time We Met The Blues by David Williams

– Who’s Who In Hell by Warren Allen Smith

– Celebrities In Hell by Warren Allen Smith

– Groovy Old Men by Nick Barker

– The Gospel According To The Beatles by Steve Turner

– The Faber Book of Pop by Hanif Kureishi & Jon Savage

– Wondrous Face, The Billy Fury Story by Spencer Leigh

– Fab, An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney by Howard Sounes

– Jet Harris, In Spite of Everything by Dave Nicolson

– Ida Kar, Bohemian Photographer by Clare Freestone & Karen Wright, National Portrait Gallery Publications, 2011.