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From "Ugly Things" magazine, December 2013, Issue 36 (published in USA) - View PDF here

Reviews of THE BIG BEAT SCENE are on the Canadian and American Amazon sites and
on the blog

Gone Man Squared (Complete & Unabridged) with an introduction by Jimmy Page, Kicks Books, New York, USA, 2013. (ISBN 9780965977791)

Royston hung at National Portrait Gallery

"For more photographs of the event at the National Portrait Gallery in London, check these websites:


With this caption: Royston (with beard) with The Beatles, Jersey 1963

"There weren't too many beatniks in Liverpool in 1960, which made the arrival
of Royston Ellis something of an event.",,1836682,00.html

"A British-born poet, novelist, and travel author, Ellis was born in Pinner, England.
He dropped out of school in 1957, bummed around Soho and the jazz club scene, all the time writing poetry"

Royston Ellis wrote a series of poems around this time that have a distinctly Beatnik flavour including the attractive looking booklet 'Rave' (1960.)

"The British Beat Poet Who was backed by The Shadows, Jimmy Page then
The Beatles When they were still unknown"

"Paperback Writer On A Flaming Pie!"

"After gorgeous period footage of the seaside town, Farson takes an admirably neutral stance, seeming more amused than appalled by the thoughts of beatnik poet Royston Ellis."

Royston Ellis no longer has any involvement or connection with


Gone Man Squared
The Beat Poems of Royston Ellis (complete & unabridged) with an introduction by Jimmy Page.

Now available: Here


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