This photo was taken in Guernsey in 1963. In 2004 Royston filmed an appearance in the Channel 5 television documentary The Beatles Greatest Secrets shown on Star World TV in June 2005 and on BBC America TV, January 2007

“At the dawn of the Sixties, Royston found himself in Liverpool. There he fell in with John Lennon. They chewed the fat and told each about their ambitions: Ellis wanted to be a writer; Lennon a pop star. The association had momentous repercussions: Lennon had already thought of a name for his new group but it was Ellis who suggested spelling it with an “a”. The Beatles went on to have a No 1 hit with the song Lennon & McCartney wrote about Ellis, Paperback Writer.”

-Resident Abroad, September 1994







This plaque hanging in Ye Cracke pub in Liverpool commemorates the visit to Liverpool by Royston Ellis in June 1960 to perform his poetry, when he was backed at the Jacaranda by the then Beetles. It mentions the influence Royston had on Bill Harry, John Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe and Rod Murray – the Dissenters,”John Lennon’s other band (which never played a note).”